“Positive Vibrations Meditation’s”

Meditation gives you access to an unlimited source of energy, with continued practice you get along better with people and feel closer to them.

Group Meditating
Girl Meditating
Girl Meditating


I will have a collection of daily meditations to use to form a habit of meditation, I will include a free book I wrote last year called the 5 Minute meditation to begin your learning process. With Meditation you learn to first relax your body and then relax your mind, it can be an enlightening experience.

You can start with the 5 minute meditation to get the general idea and build your own routine from there. If you want to enjoy the secret of being happy all you need is meditation to begin with and the rest will come, after a time you will employ a passion with your meditation practices that will last your entire life.

There are a multitude of enlightening ways to heal your body with the practice of meditation if you take it seriously, even if you fake it till you maker it,  you will soon be hooked, because there is a change in thinking when you relax your body and mind by not thinking, it open’s access to a wealth of knowledge , the knowledge of the universe, you learn to recognize how you have been conditioned to think a certain way and to some extent everyone doe’s it, I call it negative chatter, that constant voice inside your head, that criticizes and judges yourself and others, that self that knows all you think and all your secrets , your sub conscience.

How you think of yourself has everything to do with how you feel, (The Power of Positive Thinking) if you tell yourself you will fail, then you will fail. If you tell yourself you will succeed and make it a burning desire to succeed then you will one day succeed.

Tell yourself you will succeed, picture it  happening in your mind, see it happening in you head, notice who is there to celebrate your success  and how happy they are for you, and the good things they are saying about you and your new success, if you make this the way you think with everyday situations no matter what your life has given you then you will be happy and eliminate the typical continuous negative chatter, (judgments about people, confrontation with people, hate, dislike), any negative can be replaced with a positive to change your entire situation.

All it takes is 5 minutes a day to start a new life, a new positive way of thinking, it is infectious to the people around you, and you can start at any age.


Here is a Free “5 Minute Meditation” Booklet I wrote for beginners  “Click Below”    





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