5 Minute Breathing Abdomen Meditation

Group Meditating

5 Minute Meditation

Guide for Learning the 5 Minute Breathing Abdomen Meditation

Learn to Meditate, so you can enter a deeper state of relaxation.

Meditation is a 1 man team, it is something that you have to experience on your own, you can meditate with people around you, but meditation is your connection to the Devine, God, or Supreme Being, whatever you prefer to call it. Meditation is yours to use to control your health and wellbeing and life.

Stressors in your life create health problems, this is a way to relax and heal.

There are many reasons for a person to learn to meditate, but the most important reason is for better health.

When you relax your body first, and then your relax your mind, it brings you to a peaceful coexistence with your surrounding environment. Learning to relax deeper is why most people learn to meditate. Relaxation is the beginning.


5 Minute Mindful breathing exercise: Start with 5 minutes for 10 days.


Step 1. Find a quiet and peaceful place where there will be no interruptions for about 15 minutes. (Very Important)


Step 2. Get a stop watch to use for following the time. (Set it for 5 minutes to begin with).


Everyone is born with the ability to relax, we need to reach a deeper self-healing level of relaxation.


Step 3. To begin the meditation you first have to relax your body. Take 3 deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Leave your eyes open (the first couple times you may want to relax while you read the guide), and consciously relax your body by focusing your awareness on one body group at a time. Later you can relax your body with your eyes closed.

Starting with your feet and toes, Imagine letting go and relaxing each toe, begin by softly wiggling your toes to start the relaxing process.

Next relax the soles of your feet, then your ankles, then move to your Knees and legs, keep trying to imagine each body part relaxing deeper, next go to your hips and relax the muscles and bone, then your abdomen below your belly button, then move to your chest and your heart, then your hands, and your arms, then your shoulders and your back.

Now relax your fore head and your eyes, then relax your scalp and head.

Relax one group at a time, remember to relax you deepest pelvic muscles and lower abdomen.

Spend about 5 to 7 minutes relaxing the different parts of your body, the more relaxed your body is then the deeper you meditation will become.

By concentrating on relaxing your different body parts, one group at a time you slowly send more blood to that area, slowing that group down which relaxes you, and you become more aware of your body’s signals, this can be a healing process if practiced daily.

Meditation is what you make of it, but if you keep at it you will notice a change in the way you think and act. Others will notice a change in you also.

After your body is relaxed you are ready to relax your mind with meditation.

Try and not over complicate things by thinking or trying to force relaxation.

Just let it happen.


Start the clock now. (Read through first)


Step 4. Close your eyes and take a very deep breath through your nose hold it for a fast count of 10 in your head, exhale completely through your nose to a fast count of 10 again in your head, hold the exhale for a fast count of 10, then begin the process over again with breathing in for a fast count of 10.

Complete this exercise for 5 minutes every day for 10 days.

As you breath with your eyes closed try and imagine your abdomen rising with your in breath and going down with your exhale, do this while you count to 10.

If you have racing thoughts during the process don’t worry and just continue to monitor your breaths and hold for 10 fast counts.

Some people worry that they are not able to meditate, they’ve tried it and it just doesn’t work, everyone begins like that at first, but if you continue to try to control your breathing you will see the benefits after only a few days, in some cases it will change your life, the way you think, and the way you live.

Try and do this exercise at least once a day, challenge yourself to do more, and you will be rewarded, you will enter a new life of happiness and become in touch with your emotions and feelings, your spirit or inner child.


After 10 days extend the time to 10 minutes for 10 days. Once a day is fine, more is better.

The Purpose for writing this guide is not to make any money, but to get people started with meditation.

There are many You-tube videos you can reference to when learning to meditate, but the 5 minute breathing exercise is the best place to start.

Thank you


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