Indica VS. Sativa?

Indica VS. Sativa is the first question that needs answering for anyone looking to smoke marijuana for the first time so here are just a couple tips to help you navigate strains inside and outside of the positive vibrations location. The first thing you’ll notice with Sativa strains are their fan leaves are always longer and more slender, the plants can grow up to 20 feet tall, and their buds tend to have an earthy taste most of the time. Along with this, the effect of Sativa strains is best suited for daytime use, due to its energetic and uplifting effect you’ll want to get out there and do something fun and stimulating so you should have something planned. With Indica the plants tend to have much wider shorter fan leaves with the stock usually only growing to about 3-5 feet, the buds usually have a sweeter sometimes even fruity taste to them. This strain is best saved for night time when you can sit back and relax due to it usually giving people a “body buzz” of sorts.  Of course they still both share their characteristics, for example, they are both good for increasing appetite and reducing anxiety and pain.

Indica vs Sativa