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 Positive Vibrations Home

Hello, and Welcome to the Positive Vibrations, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Website.

We are currently under a 6 month Moratorium in the City of “North Bend”  the  City Council has extended the Moratorium until February 11 2015, at that time they will either have the NEW Laws and regulations written up or they will extend until the Oregon State deadline  which is May 11 2015.

We completely understand the need for regulation and hope they will complete their Task even sooner than February 11, 2015. God speed

We are very anxious to open our doors for business. We are committed to taking care of our patients and giving back and helping the community.

Please join my Monthly Newsletter and Weekly Blog for News events in the area and around the state with in the Medical Marijuana Community. I will blog about new and interesting products or Exciting NEW Marijuana Strains to medicate with and I do my best to have those strains in stock so we can try and find out what works for your individual body chemistry.

Thank You, Gregory at Positive Vibrations

I will leave this content up and add to it until the Moratorium is lifted.  (Stay Happy)  :lol:


Please email us at positivevibrations97459@gmail.com if you need help getting a Doctors Appointment to get your OMMP Medical Marijuana Card. 

Click Below and be taken to “Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine”  Website  and apply Online for a Doctors appointment.

Be sure to tell them we sent you  :lol: 

HELLO is there a Doctor in the House.




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